Under the Global Gag Rule, 1.4 million women globally will go without access to MSI services and care by 2020.

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Unless we close our unprecedented funding gap, it will result in:
1.8 million

unintended pregnancies


unsafe abortions


avoidable maternal deaths

Donors worldwide responded generously in 2017 when the Global Gag Rule was reinstated, and we secured short-term replacement funding for many at-risk programs.

But we still face a financial gap of nearly

$50 million

in the remaining years of the Trump Administration.

Case Studies


Si, Cambodia

In Cambodia, a US Government-funded program brought family planning education into garment factories so that workers like Si Yim could earn a living without fear of an unplanned pregnancy. Now that the program has closed, thousands of women like Si will have to look for contraception elsewhere.


Mudua, Uganda

Outreach teams travel to remote locations in Uganda, providing family planning services to women like Mudua in communities where other reproductive care options are scarce. Five outreach teams have already closed due to lack of funding, and another 22 are at risk.


Alima, Burkina Faso

Several Marie Stopes Ladies like Alima, local midwives who deliver services in their communities, are at risk of losing their jobs because of the Global Gag Rule. The clients who rely on their care will have to find another way to access contraception, maternal health care and cervical cancer screenings.

Read the stories of women affected by the Global Gag Rule in Zimbabwe and Madagascar. Standing Strong: an interactive journey.

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